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The diagnostic and troubleshooting guide has been prepared to aid you in determining the nature and severity of any 800 series microscope malfunction. It is imperative that all diagnostic procedures be completely carried out and all functions checked, regardless of the reported problem.

These diagnostic checks and remedies will assist you in taking care of relatively minor problems, thereby saving the hospital the expense of a service call by a Field Engineer and minimizing critical downtime.

If, after completing the recommended diagnostics and remedies you are unable to solve the problem, call the Medlink USA Service Department for assistance (612-839-0262). It is important to call while near the microscope, so that any additional helpful information can be given and tried immediately.

When calling the Service Department, the following information must be available:

  • Name of Hospital
  • Type of Microscope
  • Serial Number
  • Features and Accessory Equipment
  • Nature of problem
  • Results of diagnostic check

If, with the assistance of the Service Department, you are still unable to solve the problem, then a service call must be scheduled. To schedule a service call, the hospital must issue a Purchase Order and give it to Medlink's Service Coordinator who will then place the hospital on the Field Engineer's schedule. Please note that no service call will be made until a Purchase Order number is received by the Service Coordinator.

To Contact the Medlink Service Department:

telephone ~ 1-612-839-0262

fax ~ 1-800-329-5990

e-mail ~

Hours of Office Operation:

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST

(Central Standard Time)

Any calls made outside of these hours will be returned no later than the following business day. Please check 800-762-7921 for an emergency service number.

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