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People say the nicest things about us . . .

"It's an excellent microscope that's custom-made for the kind of surgery I do . . ."
Dr. Robert Allen
Director of Plastic Surgery Residency Program
Louisiana State University Medical Center
"Without a doubt, (Med Link's) microscope is more versatile than anything else on the market . . ."
Dr. Harry Buncke
"The Father of Microsurgery"
Director of Microsurgical Replantation & Transplantation
Davies Medical Center

. . . Considering that Med Link's competition includes the bulky likes of Germany's Carl Zeiss and Switzerland's Leica, two giants of the optical equipment industry, these are what you might call weighty endorsements . . .

. . . The attraction is a design that caters to a small niche market largely ignored by industry giants: surgeons who do reconstructive microsurgery - breast reconstructions, reattachments of limbs and extremities and similiar procedures related to trauma and/or cancer. These are procedures that generally require two surgeons, who often have different needs in terms of the magnification and the focus of the scopes into which they're peering.

"One person might be suturing and the other one tying, (tasks that) require different magnifications," Buncke said.

Med Link's design includes independent controls for magnification and focus - features that are missing from most equipment on the market.

And even machines that do have independent controls are less versatile because the viewing heads are fixed in a position that requires surgeons to stand directly across the operating table from each other. On the Med Link unit, the heads can be rotated 80° to allow surgeons to work from any position they choose.

Allen, the New Orleans surgeon, also lauded the ability to adjust the height of the viewing heads, a feature that's particularly appreciated by one of his female colleagues, who stands 5' 8" to his 6' 3" . . .

Dick Youngblood
Business Columnist
Minneapolis Star & Tribune
February 26, 1997

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